Bravo Italia 2 Bowls Slushie Machine Test

Bravo Italia 2 Bowls Slushie Machine Review

When looking for a commercial-grade slush machine, the options available are often quite expensive. While those cheaper ones aren’t designed to go far before they crap out on you.

So, in my search for some reliable, heavy-duty commercial slush machines, this Bravo Italia 2 Bowls Slushie Machine landed on my radar. 

A perfect combination of affordability & quality, with the added bonus of excellent customer service.

It has also earned a spot on my list of top slushie machines for 2024, specifically in the best commercial slush machines category.

I analyzed this Bravo Italia machine from every angle and below are all the important details you should know. There’s also a brief comparison of some similar options to consider.

Bravo Italia 2 Bowl At a Glance

Bravo Italia 2 Bowl At a Glance

For me, the Bravo Italia 2 Bowls slushie machine is completely worth the price for its powerful performance and excellent customer support.

Even though it lacks some great features like LED lighting, automatic cleaning, and smart temperature control sensors, it still offers great value compared to other creepy options on the market.

It wins in my view because of its reliability factor for commercial usage.

Who is Bravo Drink?

Bravo Drink is the company behind this slush machine. They are based in Italy and specialize in manufacturing quality slushie machines and frozen drink dispensers.

They have been in the market since 1999 and are well-known for their attractive Italian design and excellent after-sales service.

Note: Although the company is based in Italy, they ships products from Dallas.

Who Can Benefit from This Bravo Italia Slushie Machine?

The Bravo Italia 2 Bowls is a heavy-duty, commercial-grade slush machine. It’s a great option for weekend parties, bars, and even big events. 

The machine is designed to handle heavy workloads and produce slush throughout the day, so it can be a great addition to any existing business.

Key Features Of Bravo Italia 2 Bowls Slush Machine

This commercial slushy machine from Bravo strikes a good balance in terms of price and features.

It neither leans towards being too expensive nor falls into the realm of being too cheap.

Below are the key features of the Bravo Slush Machine that I found really impressive:

Huge 100-Cup Capacity

As this slushie machine is specially designed for commercial purposes, it has a huge capacity to produce 100 cups per cycle with ease. 

The total capacity of this slush machine is 24 liters (6.4 gallons), which I find more than enough.

Two Different Bowls

Bravo Italia has 2 large bowls with which you can prepare two different flavors at the same time. Each of the bowls has a capacity of 12 liters and is made of unbreakable polycarbonate material. 

There is also a removable drip tray given for each bowl to catch any excess liquid or spills.

Separate Bowl Control

An interesting feature of the Bravo Slush Machine is that the bowls are not connected. This means you can use one bowl while the other is off. 

Additionally, the slush thickness control is separate for each bowl, which is quite impressive.

Cold Beverage Mode

Cold Beverage Mode, also known as “Night Mode”, is a special feature in the machine that helps keep the slush cold without freezing.

This means no need to drain the leftover product at night. It keeps everything cold like a fridge and chills it again when set to slush mode in the morning.

Automatic Defrost System

This hidden feature is added to a slushie machine to help prevent the mixture from completely freezing inside the machine.

For example, if the machine detects ice crystal formation and ice build-up, this feature is activated to handle it and help the machine run smoothly.

Easy Control Panel

The control panel of the Bravo Italia is simple with separate on/off switches for each bowl on the side. Where the front main control panel includes A, B, and C switches to adjust the temperature and a display screen.

Below the display screen, there is an option for Slush Mode and Night Mode. 

When in slush mode, the temperature is typically -30.2 to -37.4 °F, while it is 37.4 to 44.6 °F when the night mode is activated.

I also find the front panel features a night effect for clear visibility in nighttime operations.

Things to Be Aware of When Buying Bravo Italia 2 Bowls

While the Bravo Italia is an excellent commercial slush machine, I have found some downsides as well.

These things aren’t deal breakers, but it’s best to be aware of them.

Lacks Some Good Features

Compared to similar options at the same price, the Bravo lacks some key features.

First, there are no LED lights on the tank lids, which could make the machine more attractive.

Additionally, it does not have special temperature control sensors such as automatic stop-and-start cooling. There is no digital screen either.

I know it’s all extra stuff but it would be great if it was all there.

No Automatic Cleaning

Unfortunately, the unit does not have an automatic cleaning function.

Usually, the automatic feature eliminates the need to disassemble the bowl for cleaning as it is done automatically.

However, in Bravo, you can clean it by setting it to washing mode. In this mode, the augers rotate when the unit is not cooling, making cleaning a bit easier.

How To Use The Bravo Italia 2 Bowls Slushie Machine

The slush machine does not require any installation. It’s ready to use straight out of the box. Only a simple plug-in is required to get started. No complicated setup is involved.

Here are the steps to use it and prepare slushies or other frozen drinks:

Step 1: Once you set up the machine in the appropriate location, remove the top lid of each bowl and pour your favorite slush mix carefully into the tanks.

Note: Each bowl has a special marking, so fill it accordingly and avoid overfilling. If you are filling to the full line, try leaving it overnight to prevent the top from ice up and freezing.

Step 2: Next, turn on the main switch to power the machine. Then, use the separate switches on the left side to turn the bowls on/off individually.

Pro Tip: You can also choose between “Slush” or “Cold” drink mode to use the machine as a cold beverage dispenser or a slushie maker.

Step 3: Now wait and watch until the mixture turns into the perfect slushy texture of your choice. It usually takes about 30-45 minutes to get a good slushy.

Note: The time it takes to make the slushie depends on whether the mix is cold or at room temperature. Chilling it beforehand can give faster results. However, it also varies with the outside temperature, the amount of sugar, and the recipe you’re making.

How To Clean This Bravo Italia Slush Machine

Since the Bravo drink slush machine does not have an automatic cleaning function, it takes a little longer. However, it is still easy though.

For a quick clean, just give it a rinse. Fill the bowls with water, and choose the washing mode. Then release the water through the faucet.

Repeat this a few times with the auger running at intervals for a few minutes.

Pro Tip: You can also use a beverage dispenser cleaner sanitizer if you have one at home.

For deep cleaning, you need to disassemble all parts. The bowls and other components can be easily removed. Simply wash them in warm water with a light detergent.

NOTE: You can also use the spare seals and food-grade lube included with the machine to replace them as needed for long functioning.

Other Options for Commercial Slush Machine

Besides the Bravo Italia 2 Bowls slushie machine, here are some other great options to consider for a commercial slushy unit.

Let’s start with the other variants of the same brand, Bravo.

Bravo Italia 1 Bowl vs 2 Bowls vs 3 Bowls 

Bravo currently offers three different models of slushie machines: 1-bowl, 2-bowl, and 3-bowl. There is no difference in design or features between them.

They just differ in three ways;

Capacity: The 1-bowl unit comes with a capacity of 12 liters, the 2-bowl unit has a capacity of 2×12 liters as we already know, and the 3-bowl unit offers a capacity of 3×12 liters.

Compressor: The main difference is in the power of the compressor. For example, a 3-bowl unit is equipped with a 3/4 HP compressor, while the 2-bowl unit has a 1/2 HP compressor.

Wattage: As the number of bowls increases, so does the power consumption. The 3-bowl model is rated at 1000W, while the 2-bowl model is 800W.

Now here’s a quick comparison between the Bravo and other commercial slush machines. These might also be a good option depending on your needs.

Margarita Girl Machine vs Bravo Italia

Margarita Grill offers a full-size 2-bowl slush machine. Each bowl comes with a capacity of 3.2 gallons and can make a total of 100 cups.

Compared to the Bravo, the Margarita Grill offers a 2-year parts warranty and LED-illuminated bowl lids. It also features automatic consistency control and night mode.

The price is almost the same for both options.

GSEICE vs Bravo Italia

The GSEICE commercial slushie machine offers more features and a better user experience at a lower price than the Bravo.

The unit has a digital screen control panel, many smart temperature control sensors like automatic stop/start cooling, and LED lights on the tank top.

The design is also more attractive and unique.

Rocita vs Bravo Italia

Rocita 24L is another great alternative to Bravo Italia.

It has the same design with some minor changes, like the control panel is on the side and the handle design is different. Both bowls have a capacity of 24 liters.

Additionally, the Rocita is more affordable and weighs 11 pounds less.

Bravo Italia Slush Machine Reviews: What Are Others Saying About It?

After analyzing every review of Bravo Italia 2 Bowls, I found that the majority of users are satisfied with this unit.

Customers especially appreciate the excellent customer service, simple setup process, and ease of use.

The machine worked well for everyone outside on hot days and for commercial purposes.

Only a few users (3-4) were disappointed by the loudness, which I think is expected for a commercial machine rated at 60 dB. In my test, it was about as average as other similar machines.

Bravo Italia Slushy Machine FAQs — 

What are the dimensions of this machine? 

The Bravo Italia 2 Bowls slushie machine has dimensions of 14.5 x 19 x 28 inches and weighs 99 pounds.

Some dedicated space will be required for proper storage and use of this slush machine.

Can you operate just one side if want it to?

Both bowls in the unit can be operated separately. You can choose to run one side or both sides simultaneously.

With that said, you cannot run one side in slushie mode and the other in cold beverage dispenser mode.

If you want to run only one side in cold beverage mode and the other in slushie mode, you will need to power off that side.

Are the bowls and augers dishwasher-safe?

The Bravo Italia auger and bowls should not be put in the dishwasher.

It is best to wash the plastic parts of the machine by hand with some warm water. Parts are easily removable and clean.

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