Welcome to SlushyObsessed.com!

Welcome to SlushyObsessed.com, the website for everything slushie-related!

Find here the secret slushie recipes, valuable tips, and honest reviews all crafted by someone who is equally obsessed with slushy drinks.

About Mark: The Journey Behind SlushyObsessed.com

Hey 👋, this is Mark Frost – and I’m the one who started SlushyObsessed.com.

I’m just a normal guy who happens to be a crazy fan of slushy drinks.

I still remember the moment my mom bought me a cherry-flavored slush on our usual trip to Disneyland when I was 12 years old. The taste of that slushy drink was absolutely yummy 😋.

From that day on, I developed a kind of weekly routine of enjoying slushies with different flavors and combinations each time. But that changed when I turned 18.

I realized that nothing could beat the fun and excitement of making my favorite slushie flavors from the comfort of my own kitchen.

I initially used a regular blender with ingredients already in the fridge to make some experimental slushies 👨‍🔬. I then moved on to trying out the different slushie machines to get a true Disneyland-like slushie experience.

What Can You Expect From SlushyObsessed.com?

Now that I’ve turned 22, this website is the result of my 4 years of slushy experiments. Here you’ll find honest reviews of the slushie machines I’ve tested, easy-to-follow recipes, and tons of tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.

Wondering which slushie machine is the best? I have compiled a comprehensive list of my favorite ones. Need a new recipe to try? I have a whole section just for that.

Plus, SlushyObsessed is not just a website. It’s a community. Other users can also share their experiences, guide others, and make recommendations through our dedicated Reddit Community.

How You Can Connect With Me?

Want to connect with me? Well, you can find me on all these social platforms. You can also use the Contact Form to reach out to me.

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